Re: Possible Pyramid location (and maybe PYR too)

Message posted by lone wolf on December 28, 2005 at 19:26:11 PST:

Well, not quite on the subject, but I've been looking at the Tonopah Test Range and spotted something interesting at
37.875626N, 116.821428W
It looks like there are radials buried in the ground in a star pattern. If you look towards either side, you will see lines on the ground that I assume are the shadows of towers. [Some NDBs use dipoles, which technically is not perfectly non-directional.] There is a small white building to the right which could house the electronics. I'm guessing this could be XSD, though it is not in the location where an old sectional said it should be.

Regarding the time between reporting locations (planet/pyramid), I use a program that removes the gaps when recording. However, in the future, I will log the time differences by hand or record some air traffic with the gaps.

I plan on Dfing some local beacons at various distances to get a handle on the accuracy in the technique.

PYD was coming in last night in the bay area. Weak but readable. I now know what direction to face and kneel 5 times a day.

37 10 21.94 N, 115 46 19.35 W
it could be a marker. I'm wondering how well a low frequency beacon would work in the desert without radials? The soil may not be moist enough for decent conductivity. However, a VHF marker could certainly work without buried radials.

I'm not sure what to make of
37 9 46.28 N, 115 46 48.13 W

To photograph these objects towards the west of the base, it might make more sense not to use Tikaboo, but rather some of the hills that are towards the west. I'm told you can see the base from the hill towards the west of the the first summit. [From what you would call the second false summit, you can see most of the base with the exception of the Red Hat Hangars.]

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