Re: Possible Pyramid location (and maybe PYR too)

Message posted by lone wolf on January 02, 2006 at 23:42:31 PST:

It's possible that they use the BTY VORTAC while flying away from it, i.e. towards the intercept point for the ILS. However, if you read the limitations of BTY, it has many restrictions on distance based on direction. In the situation of flying towards the base, the radial would have to be at least 60 degrees, which is conincidentally the radial they used for the waypoint. If you draw a line for the localizer and a line from BTY on the 60, they intersect around
N37.04294 W115.69739
This is about 13 nautical miles from the base, over a location affectionately called Fallout Hills. At 13nm and a 3 degree glideslope, I get that the plane would have to be about 8700ft msl, which would easily clear the hills.

On google earth, there does seem to be a road near this location, more like
N37.036282 W115.715405
which is unfortunately not in a high resolution part of google earth.

BTY060030 is about 6 miles from NV11, so I really don't think they are related. Note that near BTY060030, there are two spots that look developed, but I don't see radials or towers. You can look at
N36.930457 W116.149676 on Google Earth. The areas of interest are to the right and left of this spot.

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