Re: Possible Pyramid location (and maybe PYR too)

Message posted by lone wolf on January 01, 2006 at 9:25:35 PST:

Oscar-Eight probably refers to R4808, which has a Bravo Delta Charlie, with E for the ECS. R4808 B C D E is west of all the action. The 64 series is south of the base.

I'm at a loss on runway 12, but it wasn't a mistake since both the pilot and ATC used the same number. Sting-Zero is N20RA.

I'm not really sure why a Beech would have to practice touch and goes at Groom Lake. That is, being a civilian aircraft, the pilot could work on proficiency at another airport. Now it makes sense for the F117as at the base to practice at Groom. I assume the tail numbers of the F117As at Groom aren't seen often elsewhere, so the aircraft would gather attention, even if on a military base (that does exist).

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