Re: Possible Pyramid location (and maybe PYR too)

Message posted by Lumpy on January 01, 2006 at 3:31:21 PST:

I've got some audio of tower and STING-ZERO. Sting 0 takes off on RWY12 (where's that?), climbs to 12,000 then turns left. Then -

TOWER: Sting-0 I understand you're going out there on an O8BCDE and do some flyin' around?

STING-0: That's correct

TOWER: Sting-0 verify you're in a left turn out of the standard departure.

STING-0: Sting-0's turnin' left now

TOWER: Make sure you work well west of PYRAMID cause the sixties series are active with red flag goin' on, 64 Alpha Bravo and Charlie

STING-0: We're just gettin' through some clouds now, then we'll be headin' out west.

On the return, STING-0 lands on RWY14 with winds calm.

STING-0: If possible we'd like to shoot the DME1 to Runway ONE-FOUR

During all of this, there are planes inbound on 32 (winds calm) that sound like normal Janets from KLAS.

"Work well west of PYRAMID due to red flag" is interesting in this exchange.

What is - "60 series 64 Alpha Bravo and Charlie?"
What is - O8BCDE? (first character is 'Oscar' not zero)


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