Re: Possible Pyramid location (and maybe PYR too)

Message posted by Joerg (Webmaster) on January 02, 2006 at 10:42:37 PST:

I believe you may be right about the Pyramid and Planet waypoints. It would make sense to choose a flight path that avoids the 60's bombing ranges.

You can sometimes hear the pilot requesting a shortcut across the ranges when getting clearance from Groom tower to return to LAS. It is not unusual for this to be denied due to ongoing operations in the ranges. This would support your theory.

OTOH, I have visually tracked Janets to Groom on several occasions from Angel Peak (near Mt. Charleston). It seems that they took a more direct route, via Indian Springs and the valley north of it. Of course they may all have been taking the shortcut.

The reason why the idea of a beacon at Pyramid keeps coming up is the NDB with ident. "PYD" at 414 kHz, that can be heard in the area. If Pyramid is near the Yucca air strip, and if PYD is at Pyramid, it should be quite strong near Mercury, or even Lathrop Wells. This would be interesting to verify.

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