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Regarding NV11, you can see this facility on the NTS tour, so you don't have to depend on photos. I don't recall seeing anything there.

Regarding GPS navigation, the Nellis range has been subject to GPS jamming, intentional of course by the military. I recall seeing a decal on the white mailbox from the squad in charge of the event. [I'm not sure if that is photographed on the net, i.e you would need a photo of the latest incarnation of the white mailbox.] I'm not convinced the base can set up a flight plan that depends entirely on GPS navigation.

Here is something else to consider. We know the base has ILS, so there is a localizer and glideslope. Draw a vector in the direction of the main runway, and extend it towards the south. You know the plane on approach must follow this path, though you don't know when they make the next turn. Now plot a line from bty060030 to las294052. Since we know the Janets hug the east side of the Papoose Range, I would assume they make the turn to bty060030 somewhere in a line from
N37.15039 W115.75302 to maybe
N37.0902 W115.72064
This spot needs a fix name, doesn't it?

Now if you draw a line from BYT060030 to Badger Mountain, you would have a path that would intercept the localizer line near that first waypoint
N37.15039 W115.75302

However, looking at Joerg's photos of the facility on Badger Mountain, I don't see anything that resembles navigation hardware.

Now the fun part. What we haven't considered is the presence of a TACAN. It is possible the Janet aircraft have military grade navigation equipment. However, I haven't seen a TACAN around the Nellis ranges, assuming it looks like the usual suspects.

On this webpage
it indicates there is a Bald Mountain TACAN with designator GBM. However, there are more than one Bald Mountains in Nevada, so I need to find a lat/lon for GBM.

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