Re: Possible Pyramid location (and maybe PYR too)

Message posted by Ron on January 02, 2006 at 3:26:50 PST:

As I've been saying all long..
I have a very strong feeling Pyramid has to be close to the Yucca Airstrip (NV11).
I know photos show this to be a pretty unimproved place. But this does not mean there can't be any radio beacons around the area.
I will say it again here is where I think Pyramid is you guys seem to be getting pretty close to what Iíve been saying. If you start at the Beatty VOR and plot a line out on a heading 060 for 30 nautical miles this spot is most likely Pyramid. And I think you will find it is pretty close the Yucca airstrip. Now I have no idea why they call this waypoint Pyramid.

Also if you plot a line from the Las Vegas VOR at KLAS. From the Vegas LAS VOR on a heading of 294 and out 52 nautical miles. This will put you very near Mercury. And is very near the R4808 airspace. This is where they seem to go into the R4808 airspace at and exit out at this area also. Now if you think about this when you listen to these audio clips from Groom Lake. You will hear Groom ATC say you are cleared to station 9 via Pyramid to Planet when then as filed. Well and we all know station 9 is Las Vegas KLAS airport. So this tells me Planet is south of Pyramid. And if you think about this waypoint from the Las Vegas VOR. You see itís very close to Mercury. And what is Mercury..... Thatís right it's a Planet. Now you will only hear the names Planet and Pyramid on Groom Lake ATC. To the rest of the aviation world they would look like this LAS295052 and BTY060030 and this is how they would be field on a flight plan.

One last little point that might help you guys out here. These waypoints Planet (LAS295052) and Pyramid (BTY060030) not beacons at all. And you probably will not find any radio antennas or anything on the ground at these points. These waypoints are simply a bearing point taken out a cretin distance from the BTY VOR and the LAS VOR. So another words these waypoints are only certain spots in the sky. They can be put into GPS units FMCís in aircraft and can be shown on maps.

Also notice the base at Groom Lake has a large mountain just to the west of it. I bet on runway 14 the left runway 14 (not the long runway) you canít pick up the BTY VOR wile sitting on the runway. So as soon as you are in the air and just south now you have a clear view to the west pretty much and can pick up the BTY VOR. And this can be worded by Groom Lake ATC like this for example. Traps 23 after takeoff turn heading 240 and report when receiving Pyramid. This would be them referring to the single from the BTY VOR. After the pilot reports receiving Pyramid. Then he can be cleared to Pyramid then to Planet then as filed. This will take him back out of the R4808 airspace.

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