Help a couple noobs camping out

Message posted by Ben on October 04, 2006 at 8:57:52 PST:

My girlfriend is going to major in astro physics ( and shes hot, go figure) and she wants to go camping near area 51. We both live in Vegas and are going to rent an suv to drive up there. We hav eno clue what to expect from cammo dudes and what not. Any helpful hints? Do's and don'ts. Any tourist traps that are worth checking out along the way? Are we allowed to bring a telescope if we camp out? Where should we camp out? I read that anywhere near the mailbox is decent. If no one is camping there this weekend, how will I know if im not trepassing on the ranch or any other private party? As you can see, im just a college guy with a lot of questions so I can make sure my girl has the best time and safest time possible. Thanks!!!!!


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