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Message posted by Chris McDowell on October 05, 2006 at 20:49:40 PST:

Don't forget tinfoil hats to ward off the wacko beam.

On a serious note, the cammos will generally keep their distance as long as you stay on the public side of the border. There have been stories of them paying late-night visits to campers (probably because they're bored and looking for something to do), but it's been quite a while since I've heard anyone mention that happening.

If they do come by and question you, just act as you would if it were a regular cop. Be respectful and polite, but remember you're on public land, no matter what they tell you.

But like I said, chances are very remote that you'll see them, except from a distance.

Have fun, and don't forget to post a trip report.

Chris M.

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