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Message posted by lone wolf on October 04, 2006 at 21:26:34 PST:

That is a good spot. I couldn't find it on the links at the left, but didn't think about the Rachel website.

I will say that the time I camped there, it had a rabbit nest. [Technically hares.] They kept hitting the side of my tent, even after I hit back.

I'm told critters don't like the smell of fire, so I generally burn a bit of wood even if I don't need it for warmth. [Camping on Tikaboo being the exception.] I bring a pocket saw and axe, but also bring duraflame logs should the area be lacking in deadwood.

There are also two camping sites by Coyote Summit. One in the lower lot, and one at the top of the hill.

If you have a SUV, car camping is preferred at this time of year. It can get cold at night. You can turn on the heater periodically if it gets too cold.

If it is overcast, the evening temperature is warmer since the cloud cover retains the heat. Sort of counterintuitive.

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