Re: Help a couple noobs camping out

Message posted by Ben on October 05, 2006 at 10:13:32 PST:

You guys are totally awesome!! We are preparing for everythign tonight and then as soon as we get off work tomorrow, we are gone! Im bringing flashlights, a saw, knife(i always bring protection, that and trojan dura flames, mini bbq, tent, air matress, plenty of blankets, water water water, telescope, camera, binocs... anything else of importance?? We decided to camp out off Groom Lake Road. She liked the idea of the Cammo Dudes watching us. Though would they really do anything if we got in trouble??? I heard they stay away from campers, even those in trouble. Hope thats not the case. I'd like to know they'd at least dispatch the sheriff for safety reasons as well as dumb fines.

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