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Message posted by Gregos on October 04, 2006 at 21:06:26 PST:

I agree with Lone Wolf, I don't like the idea of camping near HWY 375. Every time I hear about camping near the mailbox, I cringe at the idea about being T-Boned in the middle of the night by someone falling asleep at the wheel! I never camped there so (I hope) it's not right next to the mailbox???

I like the hidden camp site (from the Rachel, NV homepage):
• Hidden Campsite (LN 31.7):
"This is a great hidden spot for tent or car camping. Not suitable for RV's, requires a high-clearance vehicle. Look for an unmaintained dirt road leading southwest towards a small hill. It leads around the hill to a small hidden camp area in the back. Excellent private spot for skywatching at night."

It's close to the highway and private. It's about a 30 foot diameter clearing in the middle of some small hills. It already has a fire pit in the center. I think even with a fire blazing no one from the road would see you from the road. Anyway there is a photo of our camp over the Memorial Day weekend in the trip report section 2006.

Have a good trip!

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