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Message posted by Chris McDowell on October 04, 2006 at 9:30:17 PST:

"She has a PhD in astrophysics, and she's also a civilian contractor, so you do not salute her. But you'd better listen to her, because the Pentagon listens to her about your proficiency." :)

The little gray links you see on the left are great sources for the kind of info you're looking for; in fact, it's the best info you're going to find anywhere online.

But in general:

The biggest don't - DON'T cross the border, obviously. It's marked, but not well marked, and it's easy to stumble across, especially at night.

There's a cleared parking area to the right of Groom Lake road just before you reach the signs (don't pass them, that's the border) which would be suitable for camping.

The mailbox is a good viewing spot (or at least as good as any), but you probably shouldn't camp there - it IS somebody's mailbox, after all.

I've never been over by the mailbox, so I don't know if Steve Medlin (the ranch owner) has his property fenced, or marked. I'm sure you can find that info in the links on the left.

Do make sure you fill up with gas in Alamo or Rachel. The area is funny - sometimes you'll see other cars every few minutes, other times you'll be all alone for a very long time. You don't want to be stuck out of gas in the middle of nowhere, which is where you'll be. And the cammo dudes won't come help you. :)

Do bring plenty of water, more than you think you'll need, for the same reason.

You can bring a telescope, sure. As long as you don't cross the border, you're on public land (no matter what the cammos tell you if they pay you visit, which they have been known to do).

Same thing goes for photography. If you're on public land, the cammos will not stop you from taking photos.

No trip to Groom is complete without visiting the Inn, especially if it's your first time.

Scorpions glow brightly under blacklight, if you have a portable one. You will be in the desert, after all.

Humans glow brightly to many snakes' senses. You will be in the desert, after all. :) Careful where you step.

Do read the Area 51 FAQ on the left, along with the other links. They have lots more info.

Do post a trip report here when you get back.

Chris M.

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