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Message posted by Chris McDowell on October 04, 2006 at 11:05:13 PST:

Well, don't overreact about the critters. Like Hank said, he's never seen any, and I haven't run across a snake yet either, but you'd be silly to think they're not there. All I meant was to be careful when you're walking in the desert at night.

I have seen scorpions out there, but I'm looking for them, so maybe that's the difference. During the day, you'll most often only find them under rocks or in holes. They venture out at night searching for food (other bugs, mostly). That's when you're more likely to run across them. No big worry, though. Just keep your tent zipped up (remember to zip it up when you're not in it, too), and check your shoes before you put them on. But this is sound advice for camping pretty much anywhere.

It's really nothing to be too concerned about. Generally speaking, you have to force a scorpion to sting you. And that means picking it up, or not checking your shoe before putting it on.

Sorry if I made you nervous. Don't let the thought of a bug interfere with your trip.

Chris M.

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