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Message posted by lone wolf on April 19, 2006 at 20:18:37 PST:

I was there with Black F150 and Magoo when some guy some guy in a minivan blew that border sign and went right to the gate. They turned him around immediately. I think he was looking for a shortcut, which would be true if they let you drive through the TTR. My guess it he may have been using some mapping software that didn't indicate the road was blocked by a military base.

I had base security talk to me when I was parked on the hill just above the ranch house (ruins). The guy just wouldn't get out of my hair, trying to question me without really having any authority to question me. He didn't ID himself as security, but I saw his radio tucked behind his back. Before the guy had a heart attack I said "Excuse me while I close my hatch". He then copied down my license plate and split.

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