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Message posted by Joe on April 20, 2006 at 9:00:19 PST:

Anyone have any ideas why they don't build a gate similar to this one at Cedar (and the others at Rachel) on the groom lake road?

How difficult would it be to simply have a relatively friendly guard who could turn people away? Or adamant signage to turn around just before a somewhat less friendly guard?

Isn't it more expensive for them (and more interest-generating) to have the "camo dudes?"

Why does it seem some signage about "U-2 developed here" with a place to easilly turn actually is so out of the question? Wouldn't that be certain to serve to diminish interest in the base, while their current policies -- (mysterious high tech gadgets right on the border, or out on public lands, non-military private security, seeming over-reactions to lost tourists, serve to fuel ever more intense interest, History channel documentaries, and ever wilder speculation?

Why not make (at least the outer) borders/gates, etc seem more like your standard military base? Keep the exotic stuff out of sight somewhere a bit past that border. It seems it would be less expensive, and far less interest-generating.

Have I missed something here?


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