Re: Gates around the base

Message posted by Lumpy on April 21, 2006 at 22:19:28 PST:

Joe wrote:
> ...why not have a guard at the border on the Groom lake road and a place to easily turn around? (For that matter why not let folks drive to the current guard shack just a few yards further in?

Wouldn't that be easier, less expensive, and draw less attention to the place, and result in fewer tourists triggering a security response, than having the cammo dudes and high tech stuff right on the border?...

Perhaps you're looking at it from the standpoint of
friendly tourists and 'UFO chasers'. Not every challenge
to the perimeter would be as friendly. And I'm
not just talking terrorists or 'enemies'. Extreme
environmentalists, political 'right to know' groups
etc, as well as more serious threats, would always
require the higher level of security.

So even if they did have the friendly gate attendant
and informative signage, they would still require
the higher level of security down the road.


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