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Message posted by Joe on April 22, 2006 at 12:46:28 PST:

>>So even if they did have the friendly gate attendant
and informative signage, they would still require
the higher level of security down the road.<<

I agree completely. And I assume they have that just past the Cedar Gate and all of the other more standard crossings.

I just don't get the reason for the different approach at Groom Lake road which has become something of the "best free show in Vegas."

It just seems something other than cammo dudes and high tech electronics right at the border, along with a nearly impossible (and seeming to me dangerous) place to turn around, and with signs threatening the use of deadly force (which have now been reproduced as tourist items), only serves to DRAW ATTENTION to them, when it seems their desire is (and should have been) the opposite of that.

So I just don't understand why they manage it that way, when it seems they could have something reasonably friendly which would serve to increase their security and reduce their costs (by reducing interest).

Is it because that border crossing is closer to something sensitive than the Cedar Gate or other more standard crossings and they have to have the use of deadly force guys right there?

Or could they want the attention?

Or is this just a result of governmental/military/institutional group think?

Just wondering after seeing the photo of the Cedar Gate. Before seeing that I guess I had assumed all the crossings were more like the one at Groom Lake road.

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