Cedar Gate

Message posted by Hank on April 19, 2006 at 19:53:59 PST:

Could be the least visited gate. Rumored to be the gate alot of supplies travel into the area thru. It could lead to Groom, TTR, The Yucca Respository and other places unknown. Their are photos on the site showing supply trucks entering this gate. Their is also a Sam Site in the area used during various exercises. Have to be kind of careful on the gate road as you are crossing the border before you get to the gate. When you see the sign saying U.S.AIRFORCE INSTALLATION THAT IS THE BORDER. At that point you are about 1/4 miles from the gate, but go past that sign and you have crossed. The border is at N 39 44 .560
W 116 13. 237. From the Inn it is 15 miles west to the turnoff. After you pass Queen City Summit it the first road to your left. You are entering the Railroad Valley. It is 13 miles from there to the border. The Railroad Valley is used during exercises as a place where they do para drops, Ive see alot of midair refueling there, and the Sam Site there makes it a very interesting area to be in. It is the closest gate to the Inn other than the Rachel Gate.(Backgate)I was there day before yesterday and took these photos. Its well worth the trip.


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