Gates around the base

Message posted by Joe on April 21, 2006 at 8:37:49 PST:

Is there a list of all the gates (and access points like the one on Groom Lake Road) aorund the bast?

Are there any on the west side of the base? Wondering if (with the proper id) if it's possible to drive there from the Beatty area.

Also wondering if anyone has an idea why they don't build a gate similar to the one at Cedar on the groom lake road?

How difficult would it be to simply have a relatively friendly guard who could turn people away? Or adamant signage to turn around just before a somewhat less friendly guard?

Isn't it more expensive for them (and more interest-generating; and sel-defeating of their apparent desire for secrecy) to have the "camo dudes" and the kind of show that occurs whenever anyone drives near there?

Why does it seem some signage about "U-2 developed here" with a place to easilly turn around just outside the border is so out of the question?

Wouldn't that be certain to serve to diminish interest in the base, while their current policies -- (mysterious high tech gadgets right on the border, or out on public lands, non-military private security in Ford trucks, seeming over-reactions to lost tourists, serve to fuel ever more intense interest, History channel documentaries, and ever wilder speculation?

Why not make (at least the outer) borders/gates, etc seem more like your standard military base and keep the exotic stuff out of sight somewhere a bit past that border. It seems it would be less expensive, and far less interest-generating.

Have I missed something here?


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