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Message posted by Joe on April 21, 2006 at 11:28:43 PST:


I understand about the cattle and fencing, but why not have a guard at the border on the Groom lake road and a place to easily turn around? (For that matter why not let folks drive to the current guard shack just a few yards further in?

Wouldn't that be easier, less expensive, and draw less attention to the place, and result in fewer tourists triggering a security response, than having the cammo dudes and high tech stuff right on the border?

I'm just trying to imagine why the security guys on the base (some of the best apparently) would choose the approach they have for the Groom lake road entrance, as opposed to doing what they have at Cedar Gate and other areas. Or for that matter why they wouldn't just buy out the rancher, or at least the grazing rights?


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