Recent visit to Area 51

Message posted by olowy on January 29, 2006 at 19:51:27 PST:

I was in Las vegas several weeks ago and had a chance to drive out to Rachel and the area 51 boundary for the 1st time. I have to say, even though you aren't doing anything wrong, I totally felt this tension in the air. It was a good time, but couple of questions.
1. Has anyone encountered government traffic on Groom Lake Road? Since it was my first trip I didn't know where the gate was and as I went around the last bend and came to the gate a semi truck hauling some stuff came out right then, and lets just say it seemed not very friendly about sharing the road. I basically felt it was pushing me to the side.
2. Any idea what procedures the security guys to when you pull up. Ie do they run your plate, etc (I wasin a rental, but just wondering)?
3. I saw all the warning signs and read the pamphets about being detained if you cross. Does anyone know what happens if you do cross (I didn't want to find out first hand). Are you detained until the sheriff shows up and then held or are you actually held by the military?

Thanks in advance


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