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To the best of my knowledge, the F-22 Raptor was only designed to become a replacement for the aging F-15. The F-22 is comprised of the same Stealth Technology as the F-117A, creating its low visibility to enemy radar. This does not lessen the visibility of the aircraft as truckertom says, if the other side is using older methods, such as ground positioning its soldiers for naked eye sky watching of our aircraft.

No article I have yet seen indicates the F-22 in any way as being a replacement for the F-117A. It has only been mentioned as the successor to the F-15's. The Air Force not wanting air to ground capabilities any longer is entirely false, as the F-22's armament includes air to ground missiles. Both the F-22 Raptor and the F-15E Strike Eagle are able to use AIM9X, AMRAAM (air to air)and JDAMS, etc, etc.The F-15E is/was the world's most advanced dual role fighter, as it has full use of its LANTIRN system (Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infra Red for Night), and carries a payload of 23,000 lbs. By the time the Air Force receives its full order (by 2012), of the F-22's, that means the F-15's will remain in full operation, up to and including the newest variant, the F-15K.

As for locking on with radar to an F-117A or a F-22, I say it's highly unlikely. But if he is being watched from the ground by "the guys with binoculars" approach, it wont matter if the the pilot himself is coated in a "stealth composite material" - his chances of getting shot down increase. One of the big differences between the F-15's (A through K variants) are not mentioned as utilizing the stealth features of the F-117A or the B-2, but rather it uses other means of technology to decrease its observability, such as the LANTIRN system. The F-22 also has the ability to supercruise at I believe Mach 2- without use of its afterburners.

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