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Message posted by time on January 31, 2006 at 21:05:50 PST:

There are no UFOs. Bob Lazar never worked there.

It's also wishful thinking that the installation's story will be opened to the public. Name one other place where the US Government has:

1. Low populated area
2. 3,000,000 Sq. Miles of testing range, not including NTS
3. Already built facilities
4. Massive dry lake bed
5. The installation doesn't even exist

California is too populated, even around the AFFTC and China Lake ECR ranges. Utah is all good and well, but they specialize in live ordinance testing & communications. The NTTR is the prime place for radar testing, it's as simple as that. You can fly over the Tolicha Peak ECR in stealth mode to see if the aircraft shows up on enemy radar systems, or make a swift flight up to the TTR to drop a few bombs.

Let's take, for example, the F-22A, it may have been completed at the AFFTC, BUT, it was CREATED at Groom Lake. Why? It's a true stealth fighter, replacing the F-117.

Too much money is vested in this installation for them to pick-up and move elsewhere.

If I may quote from JT3's website:

"NTTR provides a real-world environment for air and ground-based military activities, including pilot and crew training, combat exercises, and testing of new aircraft and weapons systems. NTTR hosts highly sophisticated training exercises that simulate battlefield situations.

* Multi-platform testing for Suppression / Destruction of Enemy Air Defenses
* F-16 AIM-9X live fire mission support
* Continuous F-15E and F-16 upgrade programs
* Range support for the first X-45 UCAV bomb drop
* Tactics development for Predator UAV Hellfire missile employment
* Integrated Air Defense System
* Live flight simulation
* Radar and threat emitter support
* Real-time feedback for mission debriefs
* Range data-link systems and networks
* Command and Control infrastructure
* Ordnance scoring, mission analysis
* Red Flag and USAF Weapons School support
* More than 1600 surface targets
* USAF drops more than 45% of all peacetime live ordnance here "

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