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Message posted by Magoo on February 04, 2006 at 17:53:46 PST:

Hi Andre

Firstly, good to hear from you.

Re the "humility" comment, you may have misinterpreted what I meant. I don't think I have any right to be rude, hence my admission of being an "angry old man". I probably should have apologised as well. I know many of the visitors here are young, but some also appear to be lazy; some asking questions that can be answered simply by scrolling through some of the tabs on the left, and others quoting verbatim from websites and other references (that are often wrong or misunderstood).

I don't think I'm owed anything, I just thought I have as much right as anyone to ask for a bit of consistency in the moderating of the forum's posts. Some regulars (even Moderators - sorry Hank!) have made similar comments to mine in reply to 'lazy' posters in the past and others have come right out and flamed me and others, and Joerg has said nothing to them.

And yes, perhaps I thought I may have earned the right to ask for some assistance from Joerg in exchange for the work I did in the early days of the site, but apparently not. That's cool, I don't bare any grudges. I just thought it appropriate to try to add some context to Joerg's comment.

As another long-time contributor to this site told me the other day on email, Joerg is Joerg and that's unlikely to change, so we as visitors to his site have a choice to make. I made mine 2 years ago, and have only made this brief comeback as people were asking about where I was a couple of weeks ago.

In the meantime, I think this has gone far enough in the forum, as most people are probably bored with my ramblings by now, but I'll gladly continue it via email if anyone has anything else to contribute.

I'll head back into self-imposed exile now.



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