Re: Recent visit to Area 51

Message posted by Cristian on February 01, 2006 at 14:20:24 PST:

The irresistible desire to do something forbidden! Andy, as I already said in another thread, I fear Area51 for that reason.

Imagine: I would come to Nevada mainly for seeing those gates, some Nellis planes and have an alien burger at the Little A'Le'Inn....All those miles and euros and a secret base some twenty miles beyond that gate....what an irresistible occasion!!!

Even here in Italy, when I see abandoned tunnels, caves and so on, I simply can't resist the urge to explore them!

But I fear Groom Lake would be another story. Let's say I manage to cross the boundary and walk to the lakebed. Ok, let's say no one saw me until the reflection of my binoculars in the sun betrays. Letting alone the fact I could be shooted (but I don't think they would do that if you show to be quiet and not dangerous), and that I will be surely arrested (an I'm NOT american, so my troubles will be A LOT bigger than yours), there's another aspect: cammo dudes.

Those guys are there doing their jobs. If you cross and are skilled enough to avoid surveillance sensors and their patrol and someone finds you there....they'll probably lose their job. For what? For telling friends "hey, I did it!"? Who am I to put their job at risk only for sneaking a not so secret base (You'll probably see hangars closed,nothing more).

The temptation to cross, for me, will be very high, but too many risks are present, for me and others.

I don't want to be fined in Guantanamo :-)

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