Re: Recent visit to Area 51

Message posted by truckertom on February 01, 2006 at 16:21:19 PST:

"The Air Force doesn't want air to ground capabilities anymore."

Ridiculous ! Sounds like you need an introduction to USAF Aerospace doctrine... F-15E will be around for many years to come and the F-22s that will be showing up at places like Seymour Johnson, Mtn Home AFB will be primarily configured for the air to ground role.

Are you implying the Serbs "locked onto" the F-117 ? From all the reports I've read thats simply untrue. It was them using old technology such as ground observers aswell as the 117's using predictable ingress/egress routes that led to a lucky shoot down. Golden BB. Think I also remember reading reports about cell sites being used to get a signature from the aircraft. Not sure if that theory ever held up.

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