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Message posted by Jason on February 07, 2006 at 7:33:32 PST:

It is interesting to see that when trying to assist someone by answering a question or correcting a mistake they may have made, how an uncalled for campaign against "the young, lazy posters who quote websites verbatum" is launched.

I was tactful enough in my original response to have been thanked by Joerg. I'll be tactful here as well. It is apparent to me after having been gone for the weekend that Magoo and Zipper are under the impression that their fountains of knowledge rise higher than those of us "young lazy posters", and however true that may be, in my 27 years of "young & lazy " life, I have come to acquire the facts surrounding knowledge - in that those who have it, demonstrate class and tact when they deliver it.

My conspiracy theories that I may have regarding Area-51 and the Governments Black Programs are exactly that - my own. I do not offer my conspiracy theories on this website. Having said that, I would duly appreciate not being labeled as a member of the herd of cattle that may peruse the net for Area-51 information and spout off at the keyboard, while uttering and repeating their useless meanderings of what they suppose to be true about the events that have and still do take place in the Nevada desert.

I trust that in the future, anything I say or ask will be corrected or answered with the same dignity, humility and class as you would have due unto you. I have seen the wealth of knowledge spread with those 3 things across this website by Joerg, Hank, Lonewolf, Pete Merlin, Chuck Clark, Andres and others. So it is possible. As you said prior, "Ok, fair post..." Please make sure you are doing the same by maintaining some semblance of professionalism when it comes to the distribution of your knowledge, and do not attack us "younger posters" who have not have attained as many years in life as others? Heed the examples set by the others that I have mentioned above, and if your intellect on the matter is as factual as you claim it to be, then enrich the rest of us with it - don't wield as your own club to swing at everyone else. Sorry for the long post, and I have hopes that I have not stepped out of bounds with this post. Good day from snowy NY.

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