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I will have to disagree about the National security part, Wolfbane. Respectuously.
As you pointed out, the Russians knew already of the ballistic missile launched version of HGV, since it was included in the START disarmament agreements between the United States and the former USSR.

If the Russians knew already of those vehicules, then... who is the US gov't hidding these from now....??? How come we have not yet seen any picture of said vehicules at the factory of Lockheed, or on the tarmac at Groom....?
If the danger is the American people knowing about these, then, i think the whole think makes no sense.... (all the secrecy and security at Area 51).

I won't make the apology of the former USSR regime, but, if you remember, it was never in their policy to attack (with nuclear weapons) first.
Although we all know that the result of any such was would have been total and complete anihilation of all known civilisation, the US is now the only super-power left, and yet... it continues to break international accords, continues to ignore United Nation's resolutions (and when it comes to armament, does not listen even to the worries of its own European and Canadian allies concerning NMD, and even (now partner in the G8) its Russian partners.
It now continues to develop new nuclear weapons (in violation of international accords, i think).
What are the new weapons developed for?

True, there are some weapons being developed elsewhere too, but... does anyone think North Korea would have any (sense) or reason to use it's one or 2 ballistic missiles (and then see the end of their country) for no reason at all...?
(without getting into a long story about the N.Korea situation, one have to remember these people have been starving by the tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, and international help was not exactly fortmcomming... With its crops ravaged, it had not much else to sell than its missiles....
(same thing with Russia when it crumbled).
We recolt what we sow.

Personally, and i'm surely not the only one who thinks so, the whole super-secrecy thing around the Groom Lake base and so many defense projects (if not most now.....) is ridiculous, and i believe is only hidding huge waste, mismanagement, and failed projects that are presented as 'so' vital and so sophisticated (yet, we all saw that 'Star Wars' went nowhere, mostly), that projects after secret projects were cancelled or failed (all 3 HGV versions, the D-21 (which cost a fortune and was extremely difficult to put in operation and to maintain), the 'Flying bath tub', possibly the Aurora hypersonic aircraft (due to cost or some recurrant technical difficulties making it hard to deploy it), the TAV projects like ALSV, X-20 (though rescucitated into HGV, to then be cancelled too...), the (supposed) Mach 3 Northrup reconnaisance aircraft replacements for the SR-71 which would only have been made into 4 or so copies....(such a small number... and no faster speed than the SR-71...?
(it's like reinventing the wheel all over again...).

Though, i accept the fact that you or others sometimes can't reveal a source, i must say me too i tend to restrict myself a bit... just because you never know what that might do to the person who told you things that just merely point into a direction (to find some more hints). But in any case, all i get is from open sources (and a lot of cross-references).

But i still think it is ridiculous to hide additional pictures of things that are 35 years old (like FDL-5), and which do not give the impression to have done much of anything special... (who is going to build an FDL-5 in his backyard anyway....?
If the US have it, you can bet the Russian have a parallel program too. They always had. So...?).

Fuel Fraction.

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