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Message posted by willy nammer on April 29, 2002 at 15:43:16 PST:

Hi, "Hal!"

Appreciate your words. I hope everyone should come to the conclusion to think that way. As for me I can only speak of what is in the public domain, or about things that won't hurt "National Security." Trust this, the place that everyone on DLR forum (Area 51,or so they call it) is in good hands (yes there is abuses
and the like there) and there are a lot of black projects going there too. Take heart though, things will be revealed to everybody - maybe not right now (but who knows) - and what goes on there is very, if not extremely important.

Again, thanks Hal!


Some of the things that DLR forum seeks are already in the public domain, just obscure, or the corporate types
keep them hidden to protect their technology.

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