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Message posted by Toms on April 30, 2002 at 9:29:40 PST:

Hi ya all!
I could never quite understand all this secrecy either -
A) because they seem to be hiding their stuff more from the US taxpayer than from any enemy ( the Russians new about the A-12 as early as 1960 - that's why they developed the MiG 25 ), MAYBE because they're really embarrased because so many or their expensive toys failed or ( and I must admit this is really some sort of paranoid-conspiracy-theory )were actually the real cause of some unexplained air disaster...
B ) what's the use of hiding your great weapons anyway? If you've got e.g. a very fast and stealthy attack or recce aircraft, why not let the enemy know and thus tell him: "Well - you'd better not even THINK about it, fella!!!" ???
Any comments?

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