Re: Black Projects????

Message posted by Hal on April 29, 2002 at 23:22:17 PST:

The Russians "knowing" that we have something is fundamentally different than knowing all the intricate details about the thing--as in the HGV. Hence the necessity for secrecy, and the need for secret testing areas. I was more impressed with Echo range at China Lake than I was A-51, possibly because I'm a radar/EW type and I didn't get the full tour of A-51.

I too will post or allude to things I was involved with in my career with the DoD only when I see these things revealed in open, and maybe somewhat obsecure sources. The Comanche is a case in point--it has been featured on aviation TV shows and the like, but never have I seen the rotors that I saw up-close when I sat in its cockpit in the early 90's. Since they haen't been revealed in open sources, I'll remain mum!


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