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Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on May 01, 2002 at 13:40:28 PST:

If the Soviets built the MIG-25 to counter the A-12/SR-71 it has to be one of most dismal failures in history. The CIA SR-71 operations were never threatened by MIG-25's and the closest a SAM ever got to a Blackbird was when one detonated a mere seventy miles astern of a Blackbird over N. Korea. I really think the MIG-25 was made to counter high-altitude supersonic bombers like the XB-70 and the totally ignored and unsung B-58 (another star of that excellent movie "FAIL SAFE"). The MIG-25's legs were so short as it to be useless for anything else.

The F-117A's use in Panama for Operation JUST CAUSE was directed by the JCS as they wanted THE MOST accurate weapons delivery system to place two 200-pound delayed fuse bombs NEAR the PDF barracks, but not ON the PDF barracks (EXACTLY 150 meters from the 6th and 7th Company barracks) just to slow them down enough to get the C-130's thru the drop zone. F-111's were considered to drop the 2k bombs, but the accuracy (remeber Lybia) was not guaranteed. Since they blew holes in a perfectly good open field, the immediate assumption is that it was a miss. What it did was save a lot of PDF soldiers' lives. In an hour and fifty-three minutes the Rangers secured Rio Hato and the PDF losses were only 34 KIA with 278 captured. Winning battles without a high body count is good if you wish to have normal relations with the people when you are through.

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