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Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on April 30, 2002 at 14:09:22 PST:

Since we still have information classified "Top Secret" dating back to World War I, there is no denying that we are erring on the side of "too much secrecy". To give the people working on important projects no protection at all from useless oversite interference is unfair. Personally I hate it when I've got a job to do, but have individuals of higher rank, but no useful input asking me stupid questions. I guess they are no different at Lockheed or Groom. Keeping the bad guys in the dark about our capabilities is smart though. If we had bragged about our stealth aircraft as we were developing them, it would have just give the bad guys valuable time to figure out countermeasures. I'm pretty happy when the first time we use a new weapon system, one of the first pictures out of the war zone is a bad guy standing in a smoking crater, all tattered saying "what the hell was that!?"\

BTW The MIG-25 was made to counter the XB-70m and they didn't stop their program when we cancelled our, so they were left with a weapon system with no mission.

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