Re: Russia to start a new arms race?

Message posted by Mark Lincoln on April 22, 2011 at 15:28:16 PST:

Reminds me of the sort of clap-trap brought on by the massive Eisenhower defense cuts of the 1950s.

Expect the same sort of intense service vs service agitation as well as 'bomber gap' and 'missile gap' sized disinformation until it is decided just who takes the whacks at the DoD.

The Russian defense budget last year was $52,586,000,000 which is only 13% of the USA defense budget of $687,105,000,000.

Consider the source. Vedomosti (The Record) is the product of Rupert Murdoch and has an agenda.

Likewise The CSIS is a defense industry lobbyist and propaganda organization which has a strong interest in heading off the massive cuts in defense spending which will be necessary to eliminate the US budget deficit without raising taxes.

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