Re: Russia to start a new arms race?

Message posted by Mark Lincoln on April 24, 2011 at 7:34:17 PST:

"If you want to look at just results, we used our defense spending to destroy the Communism (yes, we did - there is NO thriving Communist Country left in the world."


There are several, all of whom we fought wars with after WW II. China, Vietnam, Cuba, Korea for example. If you think China is not run by the Communist Party just go preach it in Tiananmen Square.

The collapse of the Soviet Union due to the fundamental inadequacy of it's ideologically driven economic system enhanced by it's paranoid levels of defense spending was not a triumph of our defense spending.

Indeed are we not threatened by the same combination of ideologically driven economics and paranoid levels of defense spending?

Dwight Eisenhower was correct when upon entering office he warned that spending upon war meant one could not spend on building the economy or nation's future. He was also right when as he left office he warned that the rise of the military industrial complex threatened American democracy.

What are we getting for spending six times as much as any other nation?

Has it bought us peace and security or an endless series of little wars we can't figure out how to win but were too easy to start because of our huge armed forces?

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