Has anyone ever tried to get access to area-51 by asking?

Message posted by Steve P. on September 08, 2006 at 16:00:20 PST:

I have a rather odd question. Has anyone ever tried to just ask to get on the base, by playing stupid? As if to take the channels one would use to get onto any other military base, and see how far it could go?

I'm sure you'd never get onto the base, however, if one was to call the DOE Nevada Test Site or if they called Edwards AFB, how far could you take it? What responses would you get?

Just calling up and saying....

“Hi, yes, is this the PAO?”

”Yes, I’m calling because I wanted to get some information on how I could apply for a day pass to a facility”

”Oh, I’m a civilian, but my friend and I do some writing for a blog on aircraft testing and I was hoping we could just take some pictures and…”

”Yes, I’m an American citizen”

”Well, we were actually hoping for access to just the common areas at the Emigrant Valley facility”

”Okay… you’re not involved with that? Could you give me the extension of who I’d need to talk to then?”

”You wouldn’t have the authority… okay. That’s no problem. I’m not going to be out there for a few months, so if you need to get clearance from somebody, then that’s no problem..”

”Well, should I talk to the people at Nellis or Edwards? I’m just trying to get a civilians pass to get onto the base. I’ve done this before, for other military bases and it wasn’t really such a problem”

”I mean…if I’m not allowed to take photographs on the base then that’s not a huge deal…”


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