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for what its worth, i went and became a member of the site because of the story of Jerry Freeman's trip, and i even posted a thread about it-
right here:
and I was also fortunate enough to get involved in a Tuesday night chat about the subject that Steve Hauser was involved in. The thread i wrote, Joerg, Hank , Lone Wolf and Mr. Hauser all got involved in it.I also was fortunate enough to chat with Norio about the topic on another occasion. It goes without saying that they know what they are speaking about-as far as I'm concerned, if they say they believe the story, it happened. In the 3 years that I raised my question, I haven't seen anyone of them say otherwise, although I could be wrong. If any of them have second thoughts, about Mr. Freeman, please let us know :) If you google Jerry Freeman you come up with a lot of hits about his search for the lost 49'ers, and there is a history channel special about the lost 49'ers that shows Freeman walking around and discovering something, i have no idea if he's wandering around the NTS in the documentary, but you get to see that he definitly was a desert rat, exactly the type of person that would know how to do something like this. If you look up posts about the story on Glen Campbells site, you can find some more information about the trip, i also remember reading the military's response to the newspaper story about Freemans trip, and they never denied that it could happen, they said they were very unhappy it happened if it did happen. It's pretty easy to establish Freemans background. You guys all should dig a little more into the story before you dismiss it. I had all the same questions that everyone else did about the story, and i went and looked everything up I could find out about Jerry Freeman, and there is a lot of things that make sense about the story if you just do a little research. From the time i have spent visiting this site and the trips i was able to make to groom made me realise how much stuff actually happens out there that no one ever knows about. Also think about this, i'm sure all of you can think of a few times where there was some sort of security breach in a really secure place because equipt wasn't working, or some one wasn't doing their job correctly,...we are not talking about someone actually stepping onto the base itself, we are talking about someone entering a part of the restricted boundary,and he went in on a side that was pretty isolated. People have been able to survive under some incredibly harsh conditions. We have no idea what kind of tracking equipt is over there, if there even was any. This happened before 9/11, i'm sure that NOW there is all sorts of weird tracking equipt all over the place. Mr Freeman took his trek almost 10 years ago. The right person under the right circumstances, it's entirely possible and it would not surprise me if it happened a few other times and we just dont know about it. Thats my story and i'm sticking to it.

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