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Message posted by nomad147 on September 11, 2006 at 19:21:58 PST:

i always wondered if the reporter messed with the story a bit, no doubt there are things that don't make sense, when you dig into it a bit, and you start thinking about it, you realise that it really could be true. i think back to all the things i have read here and seen in the chat over the last 3 years. i have read how certain people have gotten within 30 feet of the cammo's and the cammo's never knew they were there til they popped up (and there is all sorts of tracking equipt. around where that was supposed to have happened) i have read how other people just laid in a pile of rocks for 3 plus days just so they could get pictures of whatever it was that was flying around, i have read how glenn campbell used to hide on the cammos and they would send all sorts of stuff out looking for him, and they didn't find him, (i also have read about when he did get found :)) i've absorbed all this stuff over time, i have no doubt that some of the people here could have done exactly the same thing 10 years ago. I remember reading about how John Lear drove to the groom lake bed in the late 70's and took pictures. (yes i know Lear believes some pretty bizzare things, that doesn't mean that he did not do it)Then there is the greenpeace story, and they allegedly saw something that was being tested flyby. Those are the things that i can think of off the top of my head, i don't think it could happen today, and i'm not saying someone should do it. That would be very bad. People have been able to survive adrift in a raft in the ocean for months, i don't see why he could not have done it, like i pointed out, it's not like he actually was wandering around the base, he crossed the border in a really remote spot, there is supposed to be nothing there to begin with, he was just careful or lucky enough not to do anything that gave himself away. I think he was the right person at the right time and he made the most of the opportunity. I always thought the story was one of the best things i ever read here, and i will always find it fascinating.

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