Re: Freeman's trip

Message posted by nomad147 on September 10, 2006 at 20:53:06 PST:

It was when you started to post about the bandit that i realised that it actually could be done. as for the survillence, no one knows what was actually there at the time, we are talking about 10 years ago. he went in on a really isolated spot, he was in a spot where there was supposed to be no one, and he was there long enough not to get caught, and he went just far enough to not get caught, and no one was looking for him. Even with a satellite, unless they were looking for something, it's entirely possible they can overlook a man in a certain spot for a day or so, need i say they can't find OBL. I don't think it could happen today, but 9-12 years ago, I don't see why it could not have happened.

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