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Message posted by The Major on September 11, 2006 at 21:56:31 PST:

Perhaps there is another way of looking at it. Freeman took his little hike in what, April 1997? Then he died 4 years later in 2001. Anybody know of what it was he died from? Knowing what killed him might give a clue as to whether he was healthy enough to attempt such a thing 4 years before. For instance, if he died from significant coronary artery disease, emphysema, diabetes, etc., the story becomes far less believable than it already is.
Assuming he had a clean bill of health and died while having "relations" with four 18 year-old nymphomaniacs at the same time, could he have done it? Perhaps... All of us can think of much stranger things that have happened. I mean, the Astros actually made it to the World Series, didn't they? The point is, while it may be theoretically possible, what are the odds that it actually happened, given his age, the terrain, the environment, security, etc, etc... Very, very small, in my very humble opinion.

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