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Message posted by The Major on September 08, 2006 at 19:47:14 PST:

To me, the biggest obstacle to believing this story is the sheer improbability of evading detection. I would think that thermal/IR imaging alone would easily pick up a human against the cool desert backdrop at night. Add motion detectors, patrols, and God knows what else... And what about water? Sure, he was an "expert" outdoorsman, but could he find the GALLONS of water necessary to survive such a trek? I recently completed a 15 mile hike to and from the active cinder cone at Kilauea Volcano. In 9 hours, I consumed over a gallon of water and my urine was STILL concentrated! While my hike was strenuous, I imagine it was nothing close to the difficulty of the multi-day hike described in the article. I have no doubt SF types possess the skills necessary to complete such a mission, but I seriously doubt that this guy did.
So, if you want to stroll in and out of NTS/Area 51 without spending time in the pokey, team-up with a former SEAL or Delta-type. They would know all of the tricks to evade high-tech detection and survive in a formidable environment.

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