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Message posted by Scot Tway on May 17, 2006 at 20:47:27 PST:

Just a few notes from my trips to Rachel and area. Hank is very accurate in his discription. Take plenty of water!
I am on Verizon and had great reception from Las Vegas up I-15 as well as all the way up Hwy-93 with only a couple of minor dead spots. Reception was still pretty good at the 318/375 intersection. My signal was poorer and poorer until it dropped altogether entering Hancock Summit. I have been told on this forum Verizon now has an analog repeater at Rachel but no digital signal.
This is desolate but beautiful country and a joy to visit. Please, all that do please help keep it this way! Don't Litter and pick up any you run accross.
I'll be out wandering around June 23~25th....Hope to see some of Ya'll too if you're in the area.

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