Camping around Rachel

Message posted by Hank on May 17, 2006 at 19:45:48 PST:

Now that's its getting warmer I've been getting some emails about camping in the area. This advice is only a guide based on my personal experiences and the drive from Las Vegas using Rt. 93 to Rt. 375. From downtown Las Vegas it is 80 miles to Alamo. Once you get to 93 their is no services to Alamo. Not a house, or a store, nothing. If you have a breakdown their is no help. I don't have any cell phone service in the area till I get within a few miles of Alamo. I always carry 4 gallons of water, extra radiator hoses, fan belt, 4 cans of Fix A Flat, food and ice for 2 days. Starting in late June the temps will be 100 degrees or more on the road. This is not to scare you away because its a fabulous adventure its just to help you be prepared. Depending where you come from this may be the most desolate trip you've ever taken. Their are two gas stations in Alamo the Chevron on the left and the Alamo Truck Stop on your right. Please keep your tank as full as possible. About 10 miles past Alamo their is a Shell station and then no gas till Rachel. The Quik Pik is the only gas in Rachel and sometimes their tanks are empty. From Alamo its about 60 miles to Rachel. The link shows you general pics taken around the area to show you the different types of terrain that are available for camping.
You can camp anywhere you can get to without a fee as long as you stay out side the border. Water and ice is available in the grocery store behind the Chevron in Alamo and in the Quik Pik. I carry a separate chest for ice. Water is the number 1 priority. This is high desert and dehydration is very real. Jolene runs the Quik Pic and is happy to help. Just past the Quik Pic is the Inn. Pat is the owner and she is a source of information and food and drink also. Don't worry about it just be prepared and have a fabulous time. If you have any questions email me personally or post them to the Forum


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