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Message posted by Hank on May 22, 2006 at 6:50:10 PST:

I can only relate my own experiences and some of those of the people I've been with. Iam sure others may offer their opinion's all my trips around the area (60 or more) I have only seen a snake or two, none dangerous.Ihave seen a few harmless spiders. One time I saw a small scorpion that had been dead for quite a while and have not seen once since. I live in Phoenix and am very aware of the dangers of the desert. I have seen ground squirrels,and an occasional coyote. But it's always best to be looking ahead.
I have never encountered a threat from the cammos or the military during Red Flags or any other time. They will observe your presence but as long as you are OUTSIDE the border, your only contact will be visual.
As far as any emergencies that may require medical attention be prepared to pretty much be on your own. Their are no medical facilities in Rachel. As a general rule you will not have cell phone service available to you. Depending on your location you may be more miles off the road than you would or could want to walk. Their is a doctor in Alamo but he is hard to get ahold of. The closest major medical facilities are in Las Vegas at least 160 miles or more away depending on your location in the valley. In all the years that I have been going to the area (more than 25)I have never heard of any serious situations where anyone was involved in a fatal circumstance. I usually travel in the area alone as do alot of the guys. This alone may make you a more careful traveler.I would think that a traveler that is NOT aware of his surroundings and is not basically prepared is probably his own biggest hazard. Basic for me means lots of water, more than you think that you will need, food, belts and hoses if you are going off road and some tire repair kits. This is not meant to discourage anyone. It is to make your trip safer and more enjoyable.If you have any further questions please post them or email me at

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