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Message posted by Gregos on May 22, 2006 at 10:03:12 PST:

Water, water, water!

I just took my in-laws to the "Valley of Fire," the other day. They laughed at me when I packed 12 gallons of water in the back of the Cherokee for the trip. I explained I'll never get to walk on Mars but where we are going is the next best thing. Not only do WE need water but the truck needs it as well! It was 104F out there! No laughs later as they were pouring H2O down their necks!
3626'18.23"N, 11425'37.67"W (follow NV 169 West thru the Valley of Fire)

We also go shooting about half way between Las Vegas and Area 51. We found a wonderful-natural back stop in a Wadi (desert water wash). It's about a 25 foot tall rim. No chance of killing anybody down range if a round goes over the target. No cell service there. If an accident happens, you probably won't make it. That's the only down side. We also got stuck in the sand and it cost me $200 to have the tow truck from Alamo help dig us out. I say Help. He almost got stuck too and we had to help as well -wasn't like we watched and sipped cold drinks! I also recommend Triple A. If we would have had it, the tow would have been free. nudge, nudge, wink, wink! We have it now... I think it's $55 bucks a year?
3659'4.35"N, 11455'43.78"W

Once again, not to discourage anyone, but think ahead. Sadly I don't take belts and such. But I do take a shovel, a basic tool kit, my SIG 228, Food and Water, Water, WATER!

I've lived in the desert for 4 years now and I LOVE IT. BUT I RESPECT IT EVEN MORE!

Have fun - GET DIRTY!!!

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