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Message posted by lone wolf on May 22, 2006 at 22:35:05 PST:

Yes, that Angel Peak. It's all that works in the area. You need a decent antenna (RH77C or similar) and at least two watts.

This particular repeater is linked to two other repeaters in Arizona, so it is a busy system. I'm not sure which repeater it is, but there are only 3 440 repeaters on the list on Angel Peak.

Though this list gets updated (allegedly), many of the repeaters on the list plain just don't work. My guess is updates like PL get changed, but nobody reports a broken or nonexistant repeater. [Why risk losing a coordinated frequency by telling the people in charge your equipment is broken.] For instance, I never got any repeater near Warm Springs to work. I've been to the repeater site and didn't see any equipment let alone get anything to kerchunk.

Here is the website of the coordination group, which also has a repeater list:

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