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Message posted by lone wolf on January 24, 2006 at 13:10:38 PST:

I haven't even reached Dreamlandresort on the area 51 search, but some of the links thus far are total crap. One was a one page place holder for the website.
You certainly have a legitimate complaint.

Google doesn't accept money to be ranked, but money will get your site in the paid section on the side.

The ranking scheme is based on other web sites pointing (linking) at your website and you pointing back at them.

The right mouse click trap combined with frames can reduce your ranking since less people are likely to point to your website if they can't link to a specific page. [I just gave you a plug on baymilcon yesterday regarding your AN224 photos, but I know how to get around right mouse click trapping.]

O'Reilly has a book on google hacks with many tricks documented to get a higher rating. The most infamous hack is the "google bombing" of "miserable failure."

I think there was a change to the googlebot. I noticed the bot has hit my website 4 times a day in January, which never happened before. This is not people doing searches, but just Google's program building the index. So indeed, there may be a change in the algorithm and thus ranking, but no necessarily for the better.

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