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Message posted by lone wolf on January 24, 2006 at 19:24:47 PST:

When a website uses frames, the URL in the browser never changes. No big deal to most users. Now let's say you find a page that is interesting on a website with frames, and you want to send that link to someone, or better yet, put that link in a forum. One of the easy ways to find the link to the page of interest is to right click on it and then open the page in another browser window. When you do this, the URL for the particular page will be in the browser field at the top of its window. You then copy that URL and paste it in the forum or your website. Ah, but you need to do a right mouse click. If there is a trap in the web page that prevents someone from doing a right mouse click, then they can't perform the "open in new window" trick.

Most people won't take the effort to go past the right click trap, thus a website with frames and a right mouse click trap will get few of it's URLs posted on other websites. In fact, the only URL that most people will post would be that of the domain itself.

The right mouse click trap is done in an effort to stop people from stealing images by doing a "save as", and to some degree it might prevent theft. However, with the firefox browser, the right click trap doesn't stop the user from doing a "save as" or whatever. So in that situation, at least the thief got the warning that they were about to steal an image. You can also just read the source of the page itself to find the hidden links, thus the right mouse click track really only stops the most novice of novice. But it does stop the lazy folks from pasting the URL to the page of interest.

If your URLs aren't pasted on other websites, you are not getting "votes" in the Google ranking scheme. It doesn't mean your particular website won't show up in a google search, but it will be much lower than a website with links, or better yet, websites that cross link each other.

At the moment, Google ranks high on my list of public corporations because they refused to cooperate with feds in providing what users are searching. Yahoo, MSN, and AOL squealed like stuck pigs.

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