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Message posted by Lumpy on January 30, 2006 at 7:29:51 PST:

Joerg wrote:
"...In the interest of those seeking _real_ information on Area 51, I do, however, want to get Dreamland Resort represented where it should be, in the top 10 hits at the least..."

Google doesn't rank sites by how accurate or how authoritative they are. It ranks them on hits from within google and from links from other sites.

If DLR has sunken in the ratings, it simply means that people searching for A51 info aren't clicking on the DLR link, and/or links from other pages are closing.

Lots of things could contribute to others not clicking on DLR. The frames, the right click lockout, the animated ads on the index page. The lack of "sensationalism" might be a very real reason. Groom lake is pretty old and mundane to the youngsters searching today. They want alien autopsies, secret underground bases, secret societies etc.

I would suggest the question - "What difference does it make where in the ratings DLR falls?".

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